David Priest : 10

Witches Brew Radio: 10

Christopher Evans: 10

Power of Metal: 95/100

Loud Magazine: 9/10

White Throne Metal: 9/10 18/20

Metal Express Radio: 8.5/10

The New Review: 4/5

Patrick Walter: 9 9

Rate your music selected TERAMAZE as the #2 album of 2012!


Through Soundcheck

AnhedoniA Hits Number 13# in CANADA Top Metal ALBUMs on iTunes.

AnhedoniA hits Number 4# on KTUH radio USA.

Anhedonia No#2 Top metal album of the year Rate your

One thought on “AnhedoniA MEDIA RATINGS

  1. Nik Jović

    Anhedonia is receiving the accolades it deserves. I cannot bethink of how Teramaze can better this strong and intelligent album, yet the sound bytes of the new upcoming album are so promising… perfectly fused with aggression, beauty, speed, intricacy, musical talent and accuracy. Teramaze is Australia’s best (without doubt) Progressive Metal band……and most certainly Top 10 internationally. They continue to grow and create the most amazing journey. Other bands simply law down tracks and in turn an album….Teramaze give so much that one must listen a hundred times to receive all the gifts, whether hidden or intensely apparent…..Thank you for the experience Teramaze, and I look forward to my next journey (New Album Release)…Nik


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