Teramaze's new album "Her Halo"


Out October 30

Available as CD and 180 gram 2LP

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01. An Ordinary Dream (Enla Momento)
02. To Love, a Tyrant
03. Her Halo
04. Out of Subconscious
05. For the Innocent
06. Trapeze
07. Broken
08. Delusions of Grandeur

ďAn enigma in an enigmatic genre, Teramaze has reached a point of singularity, placing itself at the forefront of visceral progressive metal."
Metal Underground

"Itís TeramazeĎs melancholy that has them stand out the most when all is said; technical guitarwork and symphonic undertones are pretty common fare in power metal, but Iím used to hearing those elements paired with a sense of triumph or the fantastic."
Prog Sphere

Teramaze Tour Dates
Teramaze Tour Dates

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