“One of the finest prog metal releases of recent years. Exceptional”
Prog Magazine

“An enigma in an enigmatic genre, Teramaze has reached a point of singularity,
placing itself at the forefront of visceral progressive metal.”
Metal Underground

“It’s Teramaze‘s melancholy that has them stand out the most when all is said;
technical guitarwork and symphonic undertones are pretty common fare in power metal,
but I’m used to hearing those elements paired with a sense of triumph or the fantastic.”
Prog Sphere


  1. Ocean Floor
  2. Only Daylight
  3. Lake 401
  4. A Deep State Of Awake
  5. Here To Watch You
  6. Sleeping Man
  7. Idle Hands/The Devil’s Workshop
  8. RUN
  9. This Is Not A Drill
  10. I Wonder

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